Our Customers Using Pipe Bending Machine in Bursa
The capital of furniture production is called as İnegöl in Bursa province in Turkey really keep our borders it is in the hands of the leadership of the market share in furniture production. It hosts many major furniture manufacturers and increases the power of our country's industry. Furniture production is an art in itself, and sheet and metal pipes are used in the most important work and transport mechanisms. Of course, in terms of aesthetics and functionality, these pipes should be passed through the pipe bending process during the production phase and pipe bending machines should be used in this process. There are many types of pipe bending machines such as CNC Pipe Bending, Semi-Automatic Pipe Bending, SEMI CNC Pipe Bending, Manual Pipe Bending, Hydraulic Pipe Bending, Mandrel and Non-Mandrel Pipe Bending, and there are pipe bending machines and types in Bursa. Although we are manufacturers in Bursa, we, as Liv Makina, have been making and offering various Pipe Bending Machines to industrialists and producers who have been serving in the sector for many years. In the field of Bursa tube bending machine, machine manufacturers have made different types of machines. We have always followed and determined the needs of the sector, developed our technology and started to produce new types of pipe bending machines in this direction. We presented these new technology and types of machines to our producers and industrialists in Bursa, and from the moment the companies started using our products, they got out of the chronic old type pipe bending machine problems and continued their mass production without any problems. As Liv Makina, we would like you to know that we will always carry out innovative, solution-oriented works in the production of pipe bending machines by adopting the principle of working with all our strength for our producers and industrialists. We would like to share with you some companies that prefer our tube bending machines in Bursa.