Liv Machine has a proud history, which was established in 1979 and completed 41th yearfor the manufacture of pipe bending machines

Liv Makina serves the global market with 5 Axis CNC tube bending machines from special and simple equipment for the pipe bending industry to its widest series. Liv Makina designs and serves a variety of products for other leading industrial industries such as furniture, automobile and marine, aerospace and construction. It produces various products such as pipe bending machine, cnc pipe bending machine, double head pipe bending machine for these sectors.

Our recently renovated center covers 5000 m²and is equipped with the highest technological production equipment such as CNC machining centers, lathes and milling machines as well as sheet metal cutting and for guaranteed high manufacturing standards. Equipped with tube bending machines.

Our products are designed by a team of highly skilled engineers in our technical department - we provide competitive solutions without sacrificing quality. Over the years, it has grown in accordance with our customers' requirements and market demand.
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What is a pipe bending machine? Where is pipe bending used? What types of pipe bending machines are there?
It is the name given to the machines used for reshaping the pipes. Pipe bending operations can be done by using pipe bending machines. Different types of pipe bending machines are made according to the type and properties of the pipes, according to the raw material properties and qualities. In pipe bending, special pipes can be created with various bending and bending processes focused on the sector and the product. Pipe bending is needed in many sectors such as industrial industry, shipping, plumbing, automotive and furniture. Pipe bending machines with various features are made for bending the pipes made of iron, titanium, galvanized, aluminum and similar materials with the desired precision. At today's point where technology has come, the use of pipe bending machines provides great benefits in many sectors.

What are the Pipe Bending Machine Types?
Generally, there are four types. Each pipe bending machine has its own characteristics. The method is selected according to the nature of the pipe.
CNC Pipe Bending Machine: CNC pipe bending machines should be preferred in order to avoid problems such as ovalization, cracking and breakage during bending.
Double Head Pipe Bending Machine: Double head pipe bending machines are state-of-the-art machines that can perform two bends simultaneously. The ability to bend more than one pipe at once is a great advantage.
Semi-Automatic Nc Pipe Bending Machine: Semi-automatic pipe bending machines are preferred in order to avoid the problems frequently encountered in manual operations.
Semi CNC Pipe Bending Machine: All the features required for an error-free, problem-free and highly efficient pipe bending process are available in our CNC machines.

In Which Fields Are Pipe Bending Machines Used?
Considering the intensity of industrial needs, it can be understood that pipe bending should be used in more than one area. Pipe bending techniques are applied in every field from heavy industry to simple plumbing works. The areas where it is used in general are as follows: Different types of pipe bending may be required for each sector. For this reason, the correct use of pipe bending machines is of great importance. If a wrong machine is chosen, the desired shape cannot be given to the pipe, internal and external cracks will occur, causing the pipe to become inefficient.

What are Pipe Bending Machines?
The machines used in pipe bending processes have different features from each other. The maximum pipe bending limit of each machine is different. It is seen that some of them have 3D simulation feature. Depending on the nature of the pipe, which machine should be used will be revealed. Modernized versions of pipe bending machines feature smart interfaces. Thanks to these smart designs, it is possible to get maximum efficiency. You can simulate the design before starting the bending operation using the 3D simulation screen. This will prevent possible errors. You can transfer 3D Cad drawings to the smart interface and easily provide a professional job.