5 Axis 42 CNC Tube Bending Machine

  Technicial Specifications

5 axis CNC tube bending machine; This bending machine is capable of bending pipes from 6 mm to 42 mm and adaptod for usage in too many different industries and sectors. 

This bending machine is fully automatic for 5 Axis by equpping with all servo systems. This fully automatic bending machine is equipped with touch screen with Windows 10 operating system, 3D simulation and Livmak 3D bending software that is easy to use. 

Using the machine is so simple and it is proper almost for any kind of application and industrial field. It provides transferring Solidworks, STEP, and IFC file formats via USB and calculates all the axis. 

The machine automatically adjusts itself for the up,down, right and left bending configuration according to mold size via moving front head. 

5 Axis CNC Bending machine is the chine of our tube and profile bending machines. The most important specifications of the machine are durableness, stability and sensitivity even under tough situations such as damp and high temperature.

  • Maximum bending capacity: 42 x 2 mm
  • Maximum mold diameter: 250 mm
  • Minimum mold diameter: 50 mm
  • Direct product drawing transfer with step file
  • Servo bending , feeding , rotation and dimensioning
  • 3D simulation
  • Easy to use by simple interface
  • Able to use 3 molds simultaneously
  • Push bending feature
  • Maximum bending angle is 190°
  • Able to see errors on the screen
  • Security warning system
  • Limitless product saving to memory
  • Tube bending handling length: (4000 mm)
  • Windows 10
  • Multiple language option
  • 1 year warranty
  • Complies with CE norms