Double Head Tube Bending Machines

Double Head Tube Bending Machines

It is necessary to select pipe machine according to the nature of the work done. The twisting machines within our company have been diversified in this direction and it is aimed to increase the operational efficiency to the highest level. Since the margin of error in pipe bending operations should be close to zero, the quality control operations at our company are constantly ongoing.

Double head pipe bending machines are state-of-the-art machines that can perform two bends simultaneously. The ability to bend more than one pipe at a time creates a great advantage. It is possible to make angle adjustments at the same angle or at two different angles. Such machines are used in sectors serving automotive industry, furniture and hardware.

 double head pipe bending machines sold by our company are as follows:

The main features of our machines covered by a 1-year warranty are as follows:

Maximum bending capacities of 38x2 mm. and the total twisting time is 8 seconds. A fast and trouble-free twisting operation is made possible with these machines. The angle deviation of +/- 1 is a factor that increases the efficiency of the operation. To get more information about the double head pipe bending machine, you can send a message to our customer representative and ask for the sales prices of the machine as an offer.