Great contribution to Kocaeli Pipe Bending machine industry manufacturers from Liv Makina!
Kocaeli is located in Turkey's largest industrial enterprises and organizations (Sakarya) is the city with the largest manufacturing economy in our country. The production facilities of leading companies operating in many areas of the industrial sector are located in this campus as it is advantageous in terms of both logistics and raw material supply. With more than one Organized Industrial Zone in the Kocaeli region, it makes a serious contribution to the economy and industry of our country.

These large organizations use metal pipes, profiles and sheet-like products in the basic skeleton and transport mechanisms of the products they produce in their production facilities. In order to shape and shape these products, they especially need pipe bending machines. Many industrial manufacturers, especially furniture, automotive, heating and cooling, need pipe bending machines. Here, as Liv Makina, we produce machines in the types and specifications of pipe bending machines that companies need. The pipe bending process is carried out by millimetric calculations and the manufacture of machines that need to work on the correct axes. For this reason, we have machine types that appeal to every sector and manufacturer and offer solutions. Pipe bending machines consist of CNC Pipe Bending, Semi-Automatic Pipe Bending, SEMI CNC Pipe Bending, Manual Pipe Bending, Hydraulic Pipe Bending, Double Head Pipe Bending, Mandrel and Non-Mandrel Pipe Bending machine types.

We are working and striving to contribute to Kocaeli industrial organizations by manufacturing many pipe bending machines.

Kocaeli pipe bending machine manufacturers, of course, have contributed and benefited to the sector by producing machines in different pipe bending types. As Liv Makine, we, as Liv Makine, have the opportunity to produce new technology, solution-oriented, more ergonomic and useful products, save products in memory, foot pedal control, touch screen with multi-language option, error detection system, production quantity, easy It provides more advantageous pipe bending than other machines with features such as changing molds, seeing bending angles on the main screen, operating in automatic and manual modes. We are not content with this and we always produce new types of pipe bending machines by following the technology. We are proud to bring these products to Kocaeli industrial organizations. In this way, our industrial establishments in Kocaeli city achieved speed in production and a reduction in production costs, as well as getting rid of the production errors and problems they experienced thanks to the Tube bending machines they used in their production lines.

Live machine according to manufacturer located in all of Turkey such as Istanbul and even the name of the pipe that carried out abroad bending machine ihratacat have greatly talked about, has proven in the industry with his machine on the quality of work, always bending pipes also showed a different and innovative approach and will continue to show.

We would like to thank our industrial establishments and producers in Kocaeli city for choosing us for pipe bending machine supply and we wish success to your customers who use Kocaeli tube bending machine in their production.